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Portrait study of Hans – Charcoal and soft pastels

Portrait study of Hans – Charcoal and soft pastels on coloured paper

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Portrait of Courtney – Soft pastels and charcoal

From today’s portrait session – This took around two hours (I was late ^^’) and it’s on A1 coloured paper. Dalla sessione di…

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Portrait of Juste reading a book – Charcoal and soft pastels on paper

After being ill and then in the middle of moving house, I finally got back to my usual Thursday morning portrait session too….

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Burgundy rose 1 copy

NSFW – Shibari life drawing session with Burgundy Rose

Drawings from the life drawing session organized by Henley on Thames School of Art with model Burgundy Rose on a Shibari theme. I…

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Soft pastels portrait

I’m finally getting back up and running after my trip to Italy – a bit slowed down by my other job but already…

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Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club – Soft pastels and charcoal portraits

Last Monday I attended the Drawing Life Glasgow portrait session, I worked with soft pastels and charcoal. The poses lasted around 50 minutes…

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Drawing Cabaret Couture with Myah Hasbany designs

Drawings from the fashion illustration session organized by Drawing Cabaret Couture featuring designer clothes by Myah Hasbany. I worked in charcoal and soft…

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Portrait club with Drawing Life Glasgow and model Nasim

These last few months my work has been really stressful, but it seems that the commitments have calmed down a bit at the…

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Portrait studies of Tara

Portrait sessions at the Crescent Art Center started again during the week. Since I painted little this summer I decided to start again…

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Fashion illustration with soft pastels in the studio

One of the joys of finally having a studio to work in? Undoubtedly the ability to work with materials that otherwise would have…

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