photo 2022 08 05 10 13 30

Drawing Cabaret Couture fashion session with Rahel Baek

Last night I finally returned to my weekly date with Drawing Cabaret Couture, this time with fashion designer Rahel Baek and Janet as…

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photo 2022 07 10 09 51 31

DCC’s fashion session with Julia Labis knitware

Here are the works from last Thursday’s weekly Drawing Cabaret Couture session featuring garments by designer Julia Labis, worn by model Lucy Feng….

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Drawing Cabaret Couture featuring Cherie Chun designs

I am in Italy at the moment, but I managed to bring my tubes of gouache with me and I bought some Fabriano…

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DCC7 copy

Drawing Cabaret Couture with Ella Davis designs and model Gemma Howell

Here are the fashion illustrations from this week’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session featuring Ella Davies designs worn by model Emma Howell. Since I…

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photo 2022 03 08 08 30 56

Catch up: Drawing Cabaret Couture and Gregory Ojakpe

These days I’m having fun going to the Patreon archive of Drawing Cabaret Couture to choose old images to work on. This is…

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DCC Fida 2022

Drawing Cabaret Couture: drawing from reference

After the crazy month of February, where in addition to the normal sessions there was the full immersion for London Fashion Week 2022,…

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photo 2022 01 31 09 02 10

Metropolis session with Emily Metal:Skin

After the double session on Friday and Saturday yesterday I was a bit tired, but I couldn’t miss the event dedicated to Metropolis…

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photo 2022 01 28 15 58 17

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Siiing Studio

Last night after weeks I finally managed not to miss the Thursday appointment with Drawing Cabaret Couture. During this session we had as…

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photo 2022 01 16 19 36 51

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Hannah Stote “A Siren’s Call”

Here are this week’s fashion illustrations from the Drawing Cabaret Couture session with Hannah Stote knitwear titled “A Siren’s Call”. I was particularly…

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photo 2022 01 11 10 31 01

Drawing Cabaret Couture: Thomas James Jackson’s “A betrayed lover”

These first days of 2022 have been really full: I literally didn’t have a free minute, mostly because I dedicated myself to my…

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