Inktober 2021: recap and a few observations

Now that the month of October is over, and with it Inktober, I can draw some conclusions on the series of drawings I…

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31. shirley jackson

Final week – Inktober 2021 (Literary portraits)

Thanks to a few hours of work on top of my job and a list of prompts already decided in advance, I managed…

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28. stephen king

Week 4 – Inktober 2021 (Literary portraits)

I incredibly managed to finish the fourth week of Inktober as well. This is the first time in years of trying. I have…

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19. leonard

Week 3 – Inktober 2021 (Literary portraits)

This week was harder to maintain: I had a bad toothache and wasted a lot of time between dentist research, sleep deprivation and…

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15. Camus

Week 2 – Inktober 2021 (Literary portraits)

Not only did my method (see Week 1 – Inktober 2021 (Literary portraits)) work, but I also reached the end of the second…

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