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“Mother” exhibition at Vault Artist Studios – Belfast

I’m pleased to say my painting “Mamma”, a gouache portrait of my mother, will be part of the exhibition “Mother” at Vault Artist…

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Grace Kwon 2

Gouache Fashion Illustration – Drawing Cabaret Couture

Here’s a quick illustration that I finished last night inspired by the catch ups of the London fashion illustration sessions by Drawing Cabaret…

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Fashion illustration of Clara Pinto garments, model Jordana Rev

Yesterday’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session was really great! Posed for us the beautiful Jordana Rev with garments made of innovative materials created by…

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photo 2022 06 19 16 21 42

Out in Botanic Gardens, Belfast, with Ulster Urban Sketchers

A meeting was held on Saturday morning with the Ulster Urban Sketchers, one of the local drawing groups here in Northern Ireland. We…

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Lucy 4

DCC with fashion designer Hyeonsu Cheong

I bought a new pedestal for making videos with my mobile while drawing! It arrived two days ago, and since I paid an…

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DCC b2

DCC catchup videos fashion illustrations

Sometimes when I have some free time I watch the catch-up videos of the Drawing Cabaret Couture sessions that I have not been…

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DCC 02 3 scaled

DCC feat Vanessa Ho Yi Cheung – Fashion illustration session

In the last few weeks I have been greatly appreciating the variety of models that Drawing Cabaret Couture is offering because they allow…

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photo 2022 06 03 13 10 31

Portrait long session with Mari – Van Gogh inspired

How did I come to paint a background from Van Gogh’s work? Simple: through years and years of life drawing. Let me explain:…

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Emanuela Mae Agrini La regina 148x210 mm Acrylic gouache and charcoal on paper

Drawing Cabaret Couture and fashion designer Tuncer Tonun

If you follow my social networks and this blog for a while you already know the name Tuncer Tonun: the Turkish fashion designer…

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photo 2022 05 27 10 56 20

Gouache portrait (with a bit of fluo) of Skye

Yesterday I attended the penultimate portrait session with the artist Bill Gatt and for the three hours our model was Skye (she had…

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