Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club – Soft pastels and charcoal portraits

Last Monday I attended the Drawing Life Glasgow portrait session, I worked with soft pastels and charcoal. The poses lasted around 50 minutes…

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Nasim 1 copy

Portrait club with Drawing Life Glasgow and model Nasim

These last few months my work has been really stressful, but it seems that the commitments have calmed down a bit at the…

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Drawing life Glasgow 2

Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club with model Madeline 2/2

As anticipated, the last article was about one of the two weekly sessions I had booked with the Drawing Life Glasgow group. Today…

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Drawing life glasgow 1

Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club with model Madeline 1/2

I’ll be back to work shortly and to enjoy these last few days off I thought I’d attend Drawing Life Glasgow’s two weekly…

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photo 2022 02 15 09 21 31

Drawing Life Glasgow Valentine’s long session with Lilian

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I spent it in the best way, that is painting 😉 After a pretty busy day at work,…

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photo 2021 11 10 09 41 23

Model Nasim at Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club

During the summer I was a Patreon member of the Drawing Life Glasgow Portrait Club, but then the membership was cancelled, so for…

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photo 2021 09 09 11 29 59

Portrait Club with model Rachel

In these days in Italy, the time I can pass drawing is not a lot: in addition to seeing friends and family that…

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photo 2021 08 28 10 41 12

Portrait of Luna

My holidays seem to have started yesterday but are unfortunately coming to an end, and for this reason I am trying to spend…

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photo 2021 08 13 09 49 17

Gouache portrait of Kawena

Between the closure of a job and the other, yesterday I took two hours to free my mind and paint a little. This…

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Portrait of Glenna

Portrait of Glenna

As mentioned a few days ago talking about the portrait of Dani, here is the portrait of Glenna that I worked on earlier…

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