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Portrait studies of Tara

Portrait sessions at the Crescent Art Center started again during the week. Since I painted little this summer I decided to start again…

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Figure This life drawing – Charcoal and chalks

Last night I returned to the Friday life drawing sessions organized by Figure This in Belfast. This is a strange period, I feel…

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Model Conor for RUA life drawing

Yesterday I went to the weekly life drawing session at the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts. Posed for us Conor with classic poses,…

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Skye 5

Life drawing with charcoal at RUA Belfast

Yesterday I returned to the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts for the second (and for now last) session of life drawing. Skye posed…

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Figure This life drawing with model Hattie

Works from the Live Figure This drawing session with model Hattie at the Accidental Theater in Belfast. Charcoal and colored chalk on paper….

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Figure This Drink & Draw night at the Sunflower – Belfast

Last night I battled the cold and went to the Drink & Draw night at the Sunflower Public House organized by Figure This…

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Figure This 3

Figure This life drawing with male model

After a week of distress due to the war in Ukraine, little concentration and a lot of (late) work, yesterday I decided rather…

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Figure This life drawing night in Belfast – Model Hattie

Last night I attended a life drawing session in person and I realized that the last one was before Christmas! I had missed…

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AI Sketch Night with model Beatrice

The Associazione Autori di Immagini, which brings together Italian illustrators and artists, occasionally organizes live drawing evenings online. In the past I had…

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“Selfie – Portrait of Ciagula” – Charcoal and pastels

During these holidays I wanted to paint and draw a lot, and instead I managed to do very little. Yesterday I took some…

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