photo 2022 12 01 15 26 26

Portrait of Courtney

Portrait of Courtney done with acrylic paints on canvas during this morning’s life portrait session. Ritratto di Courtney eseguito con colori acrilici su…

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photo 2022 11 21 10 19 53

Masterclass with James Hanley RHA

Last Saturday I took part in a masterclass with portrait painter James Hanley organized by the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts inside the…

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photo 2022 11 10 16 39 46

Portrait of Mari on a crimson background

Here is the weekly portrait I worked on at the session with artist Bill Gatt. This time Mari posed for us, I worked…

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photo 2022 11 04 08 34 02

Fluo portrait of Skye – Acrylic on canvas

Yesterday I returned to the Crescent Arts Center for the weekly portrait session with artist Bill Gatt. Skye posed for us again and…

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Emanuela Mae Agrini Portrait of Janet Acrylic paints on canvas 30x40 cm

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Lynne La Yaung fashion designer

This month I managed to keep up with the Drawing Cabaret Couture sessions little unfortunately: some things are changing in my personal life,…

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photo 2022 10 28 10 18 18

Portrait of Skye from Bill Gatt’s portrait sessions

The return to Belfast is going well and I have to admit that among the things I missed the most are the portrait…

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photo 2022 10 26 12 02 05

Portrait of the artist Lise Hallbing

I just returned to Belfast from Italy after two weeks, and while at home I had the opportunity to work on a commissioned…

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photo 2022 10 06 16 06 26

Red portrait of Mari – From the Crescent Arts Centre sessions

Here is the result of this morning’s life portrait session at the Crescent Arts Center with model Mari. I had prepared the canvas…

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photo 2022 09 30 10 09 31

Portrait painting with model Courtney

It has been a while since I have had a chance to portray Courtney and as usual it’s been a pleasure. This portrait…

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photo 2022 07 12 08 38 34

“Ritratto di Arianna” – Acrylics on (big) canvas

Anyone who knows me knows that portraits are my passion, and I had wanted to work on a large piece for some time….

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