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Portrait study of Claire on yellow paper

This week Claire posed for us, who I hadn’t painted for a long time (here you can find more or less all the…

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Courtney – Profile portrait with charcoal and soft pastels

Portrait of Courtney with soft pastels and charcoal on coloured paper. Two hours of pose (it was three hours but I was late),…

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(Very patterned) Skye from portrait session

Through drawing and painting her, Skye and I have become friends over the years. So now she knows my love for patterns and…

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Soft pastels portait of Hans

Created from a live pose of about two hours (as usual I arrived late) with soft pastels and charcoal on A2 paper. Creato…

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photo 2024 03 22 09 08 09

Portrait study of Hans – Charcoal and soft pastels

Portrait study of Hans – Charcoal and soft pastels on coloured paper

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Portrait of Courtney – Soft pastels and charcoal

From today’s portrait session – This took around two hours (I was late ^^’) and it’s on A1 coloured paper. Dalla sessione di…

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“Mother” exhibition at Vault Artist Studios – Belfast

I’m pleased to say my painting “Mamma”, a gouache portrait of my mother, will be part of the exhibition “Mother” at Vault Artist…

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Portrait of Juste reading a book – Charcoal and soft pastels on paper

After being ill and then in the middle of moving house, I finally got back to my usual Thursday morning portrait session too….

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Portrait of Tara – Acrylics on canvas

Live portrait sessions with Bill Gatt are back, here is the first work of the year. Tara, acrylics on canvas. Le sessioni di…

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Ink and charcoal on paper portraits of Daria

Last night I took part in a drawing session with the Henley on Thames group which featured Daria, a model I didn’t know…

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