Portrait of Andrew – Acrylics on canvas

I’ve wanted to portray Andrew for some time and today I finally got the chance. He has a really interesting face to paint…

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Portrait of Skye – Soft pastels and charcoal

I arrived really late to the portrait session this morning, and with less than an hour left there was no chance of working…

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photo 2023 01 20 09 37 29

Another portrait of Courtney, this time stitching

Yesterday I went back to the weekly portrait sessions and painted Courtney again. I’m not very happy with the result because I would…

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photo 2023 01 13 10 28 15

Visual diary & drawings (all digital) – December 2022

Here is a collection of the works from December 2022: Ecco una raccolta dei lavori di Dicembre 2022:

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photo 2023 01 13 09 58 48

Back to portrait sessions at Crescent

Wow, the last post on this blog was on December 1st. In the meantime, I moved house and spent this month and a…

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photo 2022 12 01 15 26 26

Portrait of Courtney

Portrait of Courtney done with acrylic paints on canvas during this morning’s life portrait session. Ritratto di Courtney eseguito con colori acrilici su…

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photo 2022 11 24 16 01 20

Portrait of the artist Bill Gatt

Unfortunately the model of the weekly portrait session today was unwell and therefore could not pose for us. So the artist Bill Gatt,…

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photo 2022 11 21 10 19 53

Masterclass with James Hanley RHA

Last Saturday I took part in a masterclass with portrait painter James Hanley organized by the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts inside the…

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photo 2022 11 17 15 40 23

Portrait of Skye on green background

This morning at the usual Thursday portrait session Skye posed for us. I worked with acrylics on canvas: I prepared the green background…

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photo 2022 11 10 16 39 46

Portrait of Mari on a crimson background

Here is the weekly portrait I worked on at the session with artist Bill Gatt. This time Mari posed for us, I worked…

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