photo 2021 11 10 09 41 23

Model Nasim at Drawing Life Glasgow’s Portrait Club

During the summer I was a Patreon member of the Drawing Life Glasgow Portrait Club, but then the membership was cancelled, so for…

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photo 2021 10 11 08 59 17

“What’s in my wardrobe?” session with model Michelle

Yesterday was Sunday, and I was determined to rest, because since I returned from Italy I have not had a free moment and…

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photo 2021 08 28 10 41 12

Portrait of Luna

My holidays seem to have started yesterday but are unfortunately coming to an end, and for this reason I am trying to spend…

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Portrait of Lilian

Portrait of Lilian from the gold session

These days of vacation I have a lot of stuff that previously remained behind to attend to, but I’m making sure I have…

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