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Portrait of Ciaran – Oil on canvas

Portrait of Ciaran – Oil on canvas I’ve been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve started a new series of portraits…

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“Mother” exhibition at Vault Artist Studios – Belfast

I’m pleased to say my painting “Mamma”, a gouache portrait of my mother, will be part of the exhibition “Mother” at Vault Artist…

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Portrait of Tara – Acrylics on canvas

Live portrait sessions with Bill Gatt are back, here is the first work of the year. Tara, acrylics on canvas. Le sessioni di…

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Portrait of Hans

After a few weeks of absence for various personal reasons, I returned to the portrait session with Bill Gatt on Thursday. Hans posed…

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Portrait of Hans – Acrylic paints on canvas

Hans from the portrait session with artist Bill Gatt at the Crescent Art Centre, Belfast. I worked with acrylic paint on canvas. It’s…

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Ritratto di Andrew copy

Acrylic paints portrait of Andrew

This morning I went to the weekly portrait session and brought the acrylic paints with me. It felt like I hadn’t painted in…

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Portrait of Ash

This week we worked with a new model. Here is Ash’s portrait, since I only had a small canvas available I decided to…

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Digital oil painting series – Fiori

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I’ve moved house in the last few months, and as much as I think I…

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Ritratto di Hattie

Here is this week’s portrait from the sessions at the Crescent Arts Centre. Hattie posed for us, I worked on larger than usual…

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Portrait of Tara

Portrait of Tara

During the portrait session this time we had a new model, Tara. I worked with acrylic paint on canvas and as you can…

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