photo 2021 11 19 10 04 46

Drawing Cabaret Couture and Christopher Antonio Harvey – The macaroni scandal – Illustration and animation

This week I feel a little less motivated than last week: after all I do nothing but work work work on my freelance…

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photo 2021 11 12 09 37 37

Drawing Cabaret Couture features Ella Douglas

This week’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session featured garments and giant accessories by Ella Douglas. I was unable to take part in the full…

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My digital fashion drawings on Goldfoil Magazine #13!

I am happy to announce that my digital fashion illustrations have been selected for publication in issue 13 of Goldfoil Magazine! The illustrations…

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photo 2021 11 04 16 30 46

Drawing Cabaret Couture with Maximilian Raynor

This week’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session featured the garments by fashion designer Max Raynor as well as J’Adore la Vie’s first male model….

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photo 2021 10 22 09 31 36

“The (Punk) Suffragettes” by J’Adore La Vie & Drawing Cabaret Couture

The first night I took part to a Drawing Cabaret Couture life drawing session, I was blown away: despite having attended countless in-person…

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photo 2021 10 17 16 48 07

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Torture Garden Latex and Anne Veck Salons

Here are the drawings from the catch up of this week’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session: Ecco i disegni dal catch up della sessione…

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photo 2021 10 08 09 24 27

Drawing Cabaret Couture with fashion designer Saranya

Going back to the routine before holidays and travel to Italy also means starting to attend again the live fashion drawing sessions organized…

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photo 2021 09 27 08 37 57

Drawig Cabaret Couture with Clara Pinto

After more than 20 days I spent in Italy during my trip, in which I had so many stuff to do that I…

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photo 2021 09 07 09 01 07

Drawing Cabaret Couture featuring Lorena Pipenco

I am late with the sessions and I am drawing very little because I managed to finally get to Italy after a year…

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Screenshot 2021 09 06 at 10.39.54

Featured in press: my drawings on Goldfoil Magazine!

Two of my drawings made during the Drawing Cabaret Couture session in August with the colorful inflatable dresses of fashion designer Celine Kwan…

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