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DCC’s Marilyn Monroe tribute with Isabella Bliss

This week Drawing Cabaret Couture dedicated the last session of the month to Marilyn Monroe with two hours of fashion drawing with the…

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I am incredibly happy to announce that my self-portrait is shortlisted for the FIDA Award for Fashion Illustration and Drawing. This was such…

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photo 2023 05 18 21 42 01

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Mia Shan

This week Drawing Cabaret Couture hosted the creations of luxury clothing brand Mia Shan. Janet Mayer posed for the session, I worked digitally….

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Published in print on LAZIN Magazine!

With the return to the fashion illustration sessions with Drawing Cabaret Couture, publications in fashion and lifestyle magazines also return. I am very…

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photo 2023 05 16 09 55 46

My work is long listed at the 7th FIDA Awards!

FIDA Awards (Fashion Illustration Drawing Awards) is the most important international competition for fashion illustration in the panorama. This year has reached its…

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photo 2023 05 11 21 32 30

Drawing Cabaret Couture with Poppy Sendell – Balenciaga inspired

This week the fashion illustration session with Drawing Cabaret Couture featured the creations of fashion designer Poppy Sendell (if you follow this blog…

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photo 2023 05 07 14 53 14

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat designs by Mie Mie

Finally I am back to Drawing Cabaret Couture’s fashion illustration sessions after months and months I’ve been away. I wanted to go back…

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Self portrait

Digital oil painting – Fashion self-portrait

Portraying people is one of my favourite activities, but I haven’t really worked on a self-portrait for decades. Portraying oneself is one of…

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photo 2023 02 21 10 22 32

Sustainable fashion illustration session with Dropdead Gorgeous

Slowly, after these somewhat complicated months I’m trying to get back to my usual occupations. And among other things I really miss fashion…

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Grace Kwon 2

Gouache Fashion Illustration – Drawing Cabaret Couture

Here’s a quick illustration that I finished last night inspired by the catch ups of the London fashion illustration sessions by Drawing Cabaret…

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