photo 2021 09 13 08 47 28

Sketching at Festival della Comunicazione in Camogli

Every year at the beginning of September I try to take part in the Festival della Comunicazione (Communication Festival) held in Camogli, near…

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photo 2021 09 07 09 01 07

Drawing Cabaret Couture featuring Lorena Pipenco

I am late with the sessions and I am drawing very little because I managed to finally get to Italy after a year…

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Screenshot 2021 09 06 at 10.39.54

Featured in press: my drawings on Goldfoil Magazine!

Two of my drawings made during the Drawing Cabaret Couture session in August with the colorful inflatable dresses of fashion designer Celine Kwan…

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photo 2021 08 30 19 46 48

Sketches of Belfast Mini MELA 2021

Belfast is extremely multicultural, and every year (pandemics aside) an event is held to celebrate this aspect of the city: it is the…

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photo 2021 08 26 14 56 33

“The birth of a Goddess” – DCC with Tuncer Tonun

Today’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session had references to paganism and nature thanks to the garments of fashion designer Tuncer Tonun. Unfortunately due to…

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Untitled Artwork

Drawing Cabaret Couture with Celine Kwan

Very, very, very in a hurry I am publishing these drawings made with the catch up videos of Drawing Cabaret Couture. Why haven’t…

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photo 2021 08 06 08 37 04

Drawing Cabaret Couture’s surreal session with Ming Lim

As there were five Thursdays last month, the organizers of the Fashion Drawing Cabaret Couture drawing session took a break. Despite the very…

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mental canvas screenshot

Stevie playing videogames – Made with Mental Canvas

A few weeks ago I learned about a new drawing software called Mental Canvas. There are many incredible things about it, but I…

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photo 2021 07 23 09 40 26

Drawing Cabaret Couture – Max Ernst special

This week the usual session with Drawing Cabaret Couture was very special: inspired by biomorphic surrealism and the work of the painter Max…

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DCC with Alice Hampton 21

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Alice Hampton

Like every week, last night I took part in the drawing session organised by Drawing Cabaret Couture. This time the garments were by…

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