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Drawing Cabaret Couture’s “Grace in your face” 70s session

Do you remember the first session of “Grace in your face” organized by Drawing Cabaret Couture and J’Adore la Vie Cabaret? It was…

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Exhibition at The Zetter Hotel in London

I am happy to announce that three prints of my works will be on show at ✨ The Zetter Exhibition ✨ which will…

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Short and fast fashion poses from Drawing Cabaret Couture

The holidays are approaching and I am very tired after weeks of working over the weekend and also a second heatwave that hit…

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photo 2022 08 05 10 13 30

Drawing Cabaret Couture fashion session with Rahel Baek

Last night I finally returned to my weekly date with Drawing Cabaret Couture, this time with fashion designer Rahel Baek and Janet as…

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pool 3 scaled

Sketching at the pool

As anyone who follows me on social media will already know, these days I’m in Italy. The temperatures this year are so high…

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DCC’s fashion session with Julia Labis knitware

Here are the works from last Thursday’s weekly Drawing Cabaret Couture session featuring garments by designer Julia Labis, worn by model Lucy Feng….

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Two fashion illustrations featured on Fab UK Magazine

I am very happy to announce that two of my illustrations from the Cherie Chun’s fashion drawing session and the Christopher de la…

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Fashion illustration of Clara Pinto garments, model Jordana Rev

Yesterday’s Drawing Cabaret Couture session was really great! Posed for us the beautiful Jordana Rev with garments made of innovative materials created by…

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Lucy 4

DCC with fashion designer Hyeonsu Cheong

I bought a new pedestal for making videos with my mobile while drawing! It arrived two days ago, and since I paid an…

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DCC b2

DCC catchup videos fashion illustrations

Sometimes when I have some free time I watch the catch-up videos of the Drawing Cabaret Couture sessions that I have not been…

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