photo 2021 06 24 09 09 21

Reconfigure Life Drawing – Surrealism inspired life drawing session with Ami Benton

Last night I took part in my first session with the Reconfigure Life Drawing group organized by the artist and model Topaz Pauls:…

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photo 2021 06 22 08 46 18

“Balenciaga” – Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Shaun Jordan

Last week I have been pretty busy and got so many stuff to do, including the magnificent StreetSpace workshop in Sailortown, therefore I…

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Sailortown conversation map

The StreetSpace Sailortown Workshop with QUB MArch and Sailortown Regeneration

There is a district of Belfast that some do not know, and many others ignore: it is called Sailortown, and as the name…

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photo 2021 06 16 08 55 01

Drawing Life Glasgow with model Axel

A few weeks ago I bought a very cheap box of gouache, I think it’s Chinese, called jelly gouache that instead of being…

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photo 2021 06 12 11 37 39

Life drawing session with 2B or not 2B Collective & OCA

As anticipated in the previous article on the Kukeri event organized by Drawing Cabaret Couture, this is the third session in less than…

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photo 2021 06 11 15 07 02

“Kukeri.” – Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Laura Rose Collins

Due to a series of coincidences in the last few days I found myself doing three life drawing sessions in less than 24…

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photo 2021 06 10 09 30 43

Louise Bourgeois’ inspired life drawing session @ Art Makes Sense Live with model Emily Metalskin

When you combine the incredible art of Louise Bourgeois with a fascinating, dark and volcanic model like Emily Metalskin, the only outcome can…

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Drawing music with the violinist Ioana Petcu-Colan

I believe that all life drawing sessions are magical in one way or another and very rarely have I found myself disagreeing with…

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Handwritten 2021 06 06 174238

MINI Life Drawing Symposium 2021

If there is a positive consequence of the COVID pandemic, without a doubt for me it is that of being able to take…

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photo 2021 06 04 08 44 35

Drawing Cabaret Couture feat Hellavagirl Rockstar Couture

After a two-week break due to work and some (well-deserved) trips, I returned to the life drawing sessions with the fashion event by…

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