photo 2023 03 17 08 41 56

Portrait of Juste

Yesterday was the first portrait session after my trip to Italy. I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to painting, but I also…

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photo 2023 03 04 19 10 22

Charcoal portraits from reference

Charcoal on Fabriano paper. Reference: Caneyo Carboncino su carta Fabriano. Referenza: Caneyo

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Rosanna piccola

Portrait of Rosanna

Charcoal on Fabriano paper. Carboncino su carta Fabriano.

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DS cover final small

Illustration – Music single cover art for Devoted Sinners

During these silent weeks I’ve been working on some beautiful projects on the illustration side. One of them was the cover illustration for…

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photo 2023 02 21 10 22 32

Sustainable fashion illustration session with Dropdead Gorgeous

Slowly, after these somewhat complicated months I’m trying to get back to my usual occupations. And among other things I really miss fashion…

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Portrait of Skye – Acrylic paints on paper

This morning I realized just before leaving that I forgot to prepare the canvas for the portrait session. In this period I am…

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Portrait of Andrew – Acrylics on canvas

I’ve wanted to portray Andrew for some time and today I finally got the chance. He has a really interesting face to paint…

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Juste 5

Figure This life drawing at Accidental Theatre

After a few months, a house search, a move and a thousand other vicissitudes I returned to the life drawing session organised by…

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Portrait of Skye – Soft pastels and charcoal

I arrived really late to the portrait session this morning, and with less than an hour left there was no chance of working…

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photo 2023 01 25 11 04 13

{NSFW – Uncensored version} Erotic/fetish themed drawing session with Sile

On Monday evening I attended the first life drawing session (so to speak, since it was online) in my new house/room/studio. I had…

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